DIAMONDS — I am a diamond expert and choose stones wisely. In addition to my years of experience evaluating diamonds as they cross my bench, I have completed the GIA Diamonds and Diamond Grading course and am a graduate of the Diamonds program.  I know how to choose stones that offer both beauty and excellent value and put these skills to use every time I select a diamond for one of my pieces.

COLORED GEMS — I choose colored stones with the eye of an experienced stonecutter.  I deal with reputable dealers who have learned to show me only their finest goods. The vivid colors, visual clarity and brilliance of my stones set them apart. My designs are available with many different gemstone choices. Having studied the GIA Colored Stone Grading and Gem I.D. course, and  successfully completed the rigorous examination required to earn the Graduate Gemologist degree, my experience is backed up by the best education in the business.

GOLD — Gold is my medium and specialty. For over 30 years I have I purchased my alloys from a craft refinery that blends gold just the way I like.  Geared to small and medium sized operations like myself, much of the gold is recycled from our own collective scrap.  I prefer their 14K yellow which has none of the reddishness commonly seen on the market today. The very slightly greenish-yellow 18K is like a dense, rich butter-cream; I love it! The 14K white I have chosen to use is a traditional Armenian alloy which is hard but not brittle, offering a very slightly warm white which I do not electroplate.  For those who fancy the Rose’, I have a 14K red that offers striking contrast to both diamonds and white gold. Gold.  It’s what I do.

EXPERIENCE — I have been at this profession for over 35 years. I am a Graduate Gemologist, having earned my degree from the prestigous Gemological Institute of America, GIA. I bring a real intensity to the craft, I still challenge myself and I am continually creating increasingly refined pieces. Look closely: to the thickness of the bezel walls, their smooth bright cut edges and notice how they impact the face up diameter very little. There are no “buried” stones in my collection!  Now inspect the channel setting, note the even spacing and the thickness of the metal securing the stones. Scrutinize the bead setting—look to the deeply engraved beads, and note my signature “V” prong that will hold stones secure and be serviceable for generations. All of the above equals jewelry that will stand the test of time. Experience also breeds symmetry and precision. From design creation to placing the all important center stones, balance and symmetry are very important to beauty. Though simple to the eye, this is very difficult to achieve by hand. My experience makes it possible—without a CAD program.

ARTISTRY — I am proud to say that these days I pay very little attention to the trends of fashion and the product of other designers.  I am quite pleased to work within my own artistic sphere and let what is inside me come forth.  This really is less about trying to make what is marketable and more about fulfilling my vision of what jewelry can and should be.  When you receive a piece from me it is the product of this artist’s sweat and vision, the result of a hard won freedom to create my own expressions of precious gemstone beauty.