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This design is turning out to have some real appeal, and why not?  It’s got an “old world” feel that seems to hearken back to the days of yore.  The princess cut ruby forms the center of an equal armed cross, acting as homage to the four directions and appearing to float magically on the finger.   A striking expression of the classic ruby and diamond in yellow palette.

14K yellow gold ring; .40 carat natural ruby center stone (heat treated)  with 6 diamond accents of G-H color and VS clarity, total weight .22 carat.  Style W108
I for one am not afraid of ruby in white gold. The ever so slight warmth of the white gold suits the ever-so-slightly pinkish background hue of Burma stone oh so well in my estimation.  Not to mention that it wears like steel!  But all that pales in comparison to the crystalline appeal that this fiery red ruby and brilliant white diamonds generate in this smooth, very wearable modern classic.

14K white gold ring; .44 carat natural Burma ruby center stone (heat treated) framed by two diamonds of G-H color and SI1 clarity with a total weight of .24 carat, plus 6 more diamond accents of G-H color with VS clarity that weigh .12 carat total.  Style W1014.5
Not all rubies come from Burma; in fact, with the current strict embargo the US is enforcing on Burma, we won’t be seeing any new stones in this country for a long time. (à la Cuban cigar?) Fortunately, though, a small number of high quality rubies are being found in Africa   Formed under different geological conditions, these stones carry a trace of the element iron in their crystal structure, which gives them a slightly warmer red than Burma stones. Many people prefer this tone, it seems.  This particular stone hails from Madagascar and has brought a dose of the fires the “motherland” along with it. Subtle enhancement provided by the side rubies in the bezel are a favorite of mine.  All ruby and with room to grow (imagine the band set with diamonds), it looks positively regal dressed up as a set with two matching bands!

18K yellow gold ring; .49 carat natural Madagascar ruby center stone (heat treated) with 2 ruby accents that weigh an additional .04 carat.  Style E117
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