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This is one of my versions of the Irish classic. More three dimensional than most, the softness of the brushed finish enhances the organic feel of the ring.

14K white gold ring; 13 mm wide at top, 3.75 mm shank, 9.6 g.  Style CLD-1
The inner gear’s polished surfaces flash like, well, like diamonds and the 18K yellow borders warms things up considerably.

18K yellow gold/14K white gold ring 7 mm wide, 7.6 g.  Style SB-1
There is a warm flash like liquid honey at the center of this delicious man’s ring. The brush finish outer borders add a conservative look to this very classy man’s ring.

14K white gold/18K yellow gold ring 7 mm wide, 7.3g.  Style SB-2
The contrast of rose and white gold still surprises me a bit, and I’ve grown to really like it. With the scooped outer bands sending the light around the perimeter and the inner scooplets sending it this way and that, this ring symbolizes chaos within boundaries… or something like that. Maybe there’s something in the fact that this is really, really my favorite man’s band so far!

14K white gold/14K rose gold ring 7mm wide (+/-), 6g.  Style SB-3
This is a rugged masculine piece that still retains a soft slight roundedness on the edges.

14K yellow gold/14K white gold ring 8 mm wide, 8.4 g.  Style SB-4
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